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Welcome to the Thieme WebCheminar series for 2022!

A series of mini-symposia on selected topics in organic chemistry. Each WebCheminar will be themed around research topics featured in Thieme Chemistry products such as the journals SYNTHESIS, SYNLETT, Organic Materials, SynOpen, Synfacts and the reference work Science of Synthesis. Renowned experts in their field will present their recent research findings, and the sessions will offer time for a Q&A session. The talks will be of interest to all organic chemistry students, graduates, and researchers in industry and academia from all over the world. Join us and participate in the Thieme WebCheminar series.

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Electrochemistry in Organic Synthesis – presented by Science of Synthesis

12th October 2022

1 pm (CET) – 3 pm (CET)
7 am (EST) – 9 am (EST)


  • Prof. Lutz Ackermann (University of Goettingen, Germany)


  • Dr. Corinne Gosmini (LCM, Ecole Polytechnique, France)
  • Dr. Song Lin (Cornell University, USA)
  • Prof. Hai-Chao Xu (Xiamen University, China)

Take a deep-dive into the fascinating field of electrosynthesis in our upcoming Thieme WebCheminar with Corinne Gosmini (France), Song Lin (USA) and Hai-Chao Xu (China). Q&A included! Chaired by SoS Volume Editor Lutz Ackermann (Germany).

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Organic Photoredox Catalysis in Synthesis – presented by SYNLETT

Discover the potential of organic photoredox catalysis in synthesis in our next Thieme WebCheminar with Hans-Achim Wagenknecht (Germany) and Todd Hyster (USA) feat. their post-docs and PhDs. Q&A included!


Watch stream from 28th September 2022

Covalent Organic Frameworks – presented by Organic Materials

An in-depth view on linkage and host-guest chemistry as well as industrial applications of COFs – presented by Wei Wang and Yao Chen (China). Chaired by Xiaozhang Zhu (China).

Watch stream from 8th September 2022

Innovation in Organic Synthesis in India – presented by SynOpen and Science of Synthesis

Innovation in Organic Synthesis in India – presented by Sivan Velmathi, Upendra Sharma, and Nidhi Jain (India). Chaired by Laurence Harwood (UK), Raji Reddy and Tharmalingam Punniyamurthy (India).


Watch stream from 14th July 2022

Asymmetric C–H Functionalization – presented by SYNTHESIS

Asymmetric C–H Functionalization – one of the most active areas of chemical research. Presented by Joanna Wencel-Delord (France), Shigeki Matsunaga (Japan), Nicolai Cramer (Switzerland), and Bing-Feng Shi (China). Chaired by Liu-Zhu Gong and Gong Chen (China).


Watch stream from 11th May 2022

Celebrating Organic Synthesis in Latin America – presented by Science of Synthesis

Let’s celebrate organic synthesis in Latin America together with Silvina Pellegrinet (Argentina), Marcio Weber Paixão (Brazil), and Igor Jurberg (Brazil). Chaired by Gary A. Molander.


Watch stream from 27th April 2022

Mechanochemistry – presented by SYNLETT

WebCheminar - Mechanochemistry

Mechanochemistry – current development of a century-old discipline presented by James Mack (USA), Stephen Craig (USA), Robert Göstl (Germany) and their group members (Chair: Jeff Moore (USA)).


Watch stream from 13th April 2022

Click Chemistry – presented by Science of Synthesis

Click Chemistry

Click and bioorthogonal chemistry – recent progress presented by Hannes Mikula (Austria) and John Moses (USA)
(Chair: Floris Rutjes (The Netherlands))


Watch stream from 22nd Feb 2022
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