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Welcome to the Thieme WebCheminar series in 2023!

A series of mini-symposia on selected topics in organic chemistry. Each WebCheminar will be themed around research topics featured in Thieme Chemistry products such as the journals SYNTHESIS, SYNLETT, Organic Materials, SynOpen, Synfacts and the reference work Science of Synthesis. Renowned experts in their field will present their recent research findings, and the sessions will offer time for a Q&A session. The talks will be of interest to all organic chemistry students, graduates, and researchers in industry and academia from all over the world. Join us and participate in the Thieme WebCheminar series.

We are currently planning the next exciting WebCheminar – please make sure to revisit our page for the next dates again shortly!

Modern Nickel-Catalyzed Reactions – presented by SYNLETT

March 23, 2023
3 – 5 pm (CET)


  • SYNLETT Editor Rubén Martín (ICIQ, Spain)


  • „Breaking the Symmetry in Nickel Catalysis“ – Cristina Nevado (University of Zurich, Switzerland)
  • „Unplugged‘ Nickel-Catalyzed C–N and C–O Cross-Couplings: DalPhos Ligand Design and Mechanistic Insights“ – Mark Stradiotto (Dalhousie University, Canada)
  • „NiH-Catalyzed Functionalization of Remote and Proximal Olefins“ – Shaolin Zhu (Nanjing University, P. R. of China)

Due to its relatively abundant and inexpensive nature, nickel has been of high interest as transition metal for homogeneous catalysis in the field of organic synthesis. In this Thieme WebCheminar, chaired by SYNLETT Editor Rubén Martín (ICIQ, Spain), our speakers Cristina Nevado (Switzerland), Mark Stradiotto (Canada) and Shaolin Zhu (P. R. of China) will present insights into the research developments in their respective focus areas.

This Thieme WebCheminar is of particular interest to organic chemistry students, graduates, and researchers in industry and academia. Sign up now to save your spot!

Every participant will be provided with access to the recording of the WebCheminar afterwards.

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WebCheminars in 2023

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Rising Stars in Organic Synthesis – presented by Science of Synthesis and SYNTHESIS

Rising stars of organic synthesis – the screen is yours! A WebCheminar hosting six selected SOS ECAB Members from around the globe, chaired by SYNTHESIS Editor-in-Chief Mark Lautens.

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